Printed announcements are a great way to let others know that you're getting married, sure. But why not use a printed card to announce your promotion, your Halloween party, your Bar Mitzvah?

Announcement cards are often referred to as "Baronial" cards, after the envelopes used to contain the calling cards of French barons. Today, the term is used to describe the size of the card itself.

Century Press offers Baronial and Lee cards in a wide variety of paper stocks. Matching envelopes are available separately in all card sizes. Choose one, two, three or four-color printing; single or double-sided; with or without a panel; flat or raised print; blind embossing, color embossing or foil embossing to make your announcements unique.

A 4 Baronial (or "4 Bar") card measures 4.875" by 3.5". It is typically used for a brief announcement or as a reply enclosure with a Lee card or folder.

The 5.5 Bar card is used for informal announcements or invitations. Its dimensions are 5.5" by 4.25".

For a more formal business or professional announcement, use a 5.5 Bar folder—a double-sized, tent-folded card. The finished dimensions are the same as a standard 5.5 Bar card.

With dimensions of 6.25" by 4.625", the 6 Bar card is slightly larger for announcements and invitations that require a bit more room.

For the ultimate in formal announcements and invitations, use the Lee card (sometimes called an Embassy card). It measures 7" by 5.125".

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