For information on a specific page layout application, click the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.

File Size

Create your files to the exact size as your final trim. If you want elements to print up to the edge ("bleed"), allow them to hang beyond the edge of the document. Do not create files that are larger than the trim size. For example, do not place a 6" by 4" card in the middle of an 8.5" by 11" document.


Be sure that all bitmap images you place are at least 300 dpi and that you do not enlarge your images greater than 125% or reduce them less than 30% in your layout file. If the image needs to be significantly reduced or enlarged, make the changes to the original image file and import or place it into your document again.

Color Space

Colors in your document should be based on CMYK or Pantone color palettes. If you are using the Pantone color system, be sure to use process colors rather than spot colors.


All placed images in your document should be in CMYK color and TIFF or EPS formats. Do not copy and paste images from a pasteboard or clipart program, beacuse this does not create a link to a high-resolution image. You must place/import images into your document.


Do not use the font styles—bold, italic, underline—available in the font palette. Instead, use the bold or italic font from that font family. High-resolution presses do not print font styles correctly.

Page Layout

If you are creating a booklet or catalog, please create your layout as single pages. For example, do not create two 8.5" by 11" pages as one 11" by 17" page. Layout your pages in reader spreads rather than printer spreads. Our imaging software will automate the positioning process.

Specific Information

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